Joe Thompson

name Joe Thompson is the owner of a successful auto body shop in Ferndale, California. This 48 year old is also a prolific writer, contributing automotive related articles to various publications.

Aura And Outlook, Two New Saturn Vehicles

13th August 2006
Thousands of car engineers and vehicle designers of the General Motor Corporation teamed up and worked as one to create two of the newest Saturn vehicles. And automobile experts now see these new ones to be quite promising. Saturn would soon be introduc... Read >

What to Do When the "Check Engine" Light Goes On

08th April 2006
Sometimes, warning lights get people all frazzled and lose control of the whole situation. Experts in the field of driving, automobiles, and driving safety say that people should not panic when this kind of thing happens to you. If you notice that t... Read >

How Auto Parts Discounts' Sound Deadeners Can Improve Your Riding Satisfaction

13th December 2005
What are sound deadeners and how can improve riding satisfaction? From the name itself, you can probably tell what it does: it quiets the sound. Sound deadeners usually consist of asphaltic mastic acoustal sheet material, which is capable of sto... Read >